Iranians to Reproduce Secret Spy Drone Through Reverse Engineering

Okay so, there is this big brouhaha over the so-called CIA Drone captured in Iran. The US says that it got itself lost due to a bad satellite link failure, and the Iranians said they shot it down, then changed their story, and said they “hacked it” and then crash landed it. Well, I guess if the ladder is true their hacker pilots need to go back to their super-duper simulator training system they claimed they had built 2-years ago, and learn how to fly? If it was the former, then the drone or UAV would have crashed and not been in one-piece drone photogrammetry

So, I ask; which time did they lie?

Simple stuff really.

Now then, what my take on all this; Who Cares? And, well, you know, personally, if my enemy had a surveillance system which failed for whatever reason, I guess copying it kind of defeats the purpose. Why copy failure? Nevertheless there was an interesting article in CBS News on December 12, 2011 titled; “Iran: Captured U.S. spy drone nearly decoded,” which stated;

“Tehran has flaunted the capture of the RQ-170 Sentinel, a top-secret aircraft with stealth technology, as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the United States in a complicated intelligence and technological battle. President Obama said Monday that the U.S. was pressing Iran to return the aircraft, which U.S. officials admitted it malfunctioned, but was not brought down by Iran. The Revolutionary Guard said they would not send it back, as “no one returns the symbol of aggression.”

“Signs of aggression,” no doubt, really, I mean the damn thing was unarmed, and looks more like an over-sized plastic model kit, enlarged through photo-shop to me. And if it is, of course, they cannot send it back, because they don’t actually have it. So, how did Iranian intelligence know that the US lost a drone off its radar and tele-link communication system? That’s a good question for the US Drone operators; is there a leak?”

So, what’s with Iran, even the Chinese gave us back our P-3 Orion aircraft once they’d gone through it all and taken perhaps 20,000 digital pictures of it inside and out. What’s this whole ‘Signs of Aggression,” comment all about? I’ll tell you what signs of aggression are;

1. Funding Proxy Terrorists
2. Claiming You are Going to Blow Another Nation off the Map
3. Taking Speed Boats and Running them Towards US Military Ships
4. Practicing with Airliners full of People to Potentially Use as a Future Weapon
5. Supplying Insurgents and Terrorists with Modernized Weapons, and Funding them Too

Should I go on or should I just leave Iran with their new toy found in the sand, and all the global political rhetoric anyone can stand, or rather, still stand without falling on the floor and rolling around in a fit of laughter? Please consider all this

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