Galvanized Steel Roofing

Galvanized steel roofing is a sleek alternative to wooden or asphalt shingles. Galvanized steel is very strong, durable, and long-lasting. These qualities make galvanized steel roofing an attractive option for roofing a house. Steel roofing offers protection against all the elements and lasts longer than other shingle types.

Galvanized steel is less expensive than stainless steel. Cars are also made of galvanized steel because of its advantages and competitive price. Galvanized steel is corrosive resistant, and also it can be recycled. Galvanized steel is coated with a zinc layer to make it corrosive resistant. During this process the steel bonds with the zinc, making it galvanized. It can also be painted in many colors and comes in premade colors and different sizes and shapes. There are a lot of options to choose from with galvanized steel Fayetteville Metal Roofing

Stainless steel, on the other hand, offers variety. There are over 60 types of stainless steel to choose from when roofing your house. Stainless steel is made of sturdy chromium, coated with chromium oxide giving it anti-corrosive properties. However, it is more expensive. There are different categories of stainless steel, making it a little complicated to choose the right one for your roofing needs.

When you have steel roofing you are likely to experience rust at some point in the lifetime of your roof. When this happens you must follow certain steps. Oxalic acid removes the rust; use one pound per gallon of water to mix the right solution. Apply using a hose with a spray bottle attached to it. It is helpful to find the cause of the rust to fix any problems that may become long term. The best way to prevent rusting is to paint the roof.

Painting your galvanized or stainless steel roofing is a smart choice. It protects against rust and discoloration of the steel and preserves the quality of the steel so it can last longer. To paint a steel roof you must first inspect the area for damage, dirt, and rust. Use a roof brush to clean off dirt and scrape off any previous paint with a knife. Then inspect the roof for damage, and replace these first. Stains can be lightened with bleach. Then power-wash the entire roof with hose and special cleaner. Next, use a primer and apply with rollers or a spray painter on the entire roof. Then apply the color of paint you want to use with the roller or spray painter. Two coats or more are recommended for the best color and to make it stick better. If you do not want to do this yourself it is advisable to contact a professional, since working on the roof can be dangerous.

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